Welcome to the USWC Blog!

U.S. Women Connect has been around since the Beijing Conference, the fourth World Women’s Conference, back in 1995. BUT, the organization is starting fresh in many ways now with a dynamic board of directors and coordinators in many states to help pass messages quickly among the women of the U.S.A. Everybody knows that American women have made a lot of progress towards equality & justice since finally getting the vote in 1920. BUT — much of that progress has been threatened and undermined in recent years. In 2010, the United Nations is calling on women of the world to report in on the progress since Beijing. Sadly, the United States is about the only developed nation that has not (yet) endorsed CEDAW, the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. USWC is working on that and much more. Please comment below, or visit our website at www/uswc.org, or follow us on Twitter @USwomenConnect! Find out if your state has a coordinator. Get yourself on our e-newsletter mailing list.

How are we different from other organizations working for women? We are of course connected with many other national, state, and local pro-woman organizations. We are one of the few organizations that stands up for ALL women’s issues and works hard to cross all the barriers that sometimes divide us, including geography and all the “isms.” We are cognizant of the wonderful work and leadership happening in every state – not just in New York City and Washington D.C. – to move our issues forward. And we are committed to changing the world, not waiting to build membership or infrastructure. Join us!